Lots of folks struggle with the challenge of establishing healthy relationships in their lives.  Those of us in the church are certainly no different in this regard than others.

Why is it so hard to create healthy relationships?

There are many reasons for that.  One of the primary reasons is that many of us find ourselves simply repeating behaviors that were modeled for us at home.  That’s fine if we grew up in a healthy, loving, and functional home.  But what do we do if our home life WASN’T healthy?

That’s where WHCC’s Creating Healthy Relationships Group might come in for you.

Each Sunday evening, we gather at 6:00 PM in Smith Lounge at the church (located just off the fenced-in courtyard area).

During our hour together we talk about some of the principles involved in creating healthy relationships.  We use one of Melody Beattie’s books of daily devotions – a book called The Language of Letting Go – to structure our conversations.  Each week we pick one of the previous week’s seven devotions to use as our starting point.  We read the daily devotion aloud at the start of our time together.  This allows those who have not done the reading to be included in the conversation as well.  Everyone is welcome to attend!

We hope you’ll stop by one of these Sunday evening’s, and join the conversation – as we seek to break bad habits/patterns in our relationships, and support one another in our effort to establish new ways of being in relationship: with ourselves AND with others.

Woodland Hills Community Church  /  21338 Dumetz Rd, Woodland Hills, CA 91364  / 818-346-0820