Pastor Craig’s Current Class (Spring Semester 2017)

Pastor Craig’s Plan of Study

On January 9, 2017, I embarked upon what will be a 3-year journey toward earning his Doctor of Ministry degree.

“And what is a D Min degree?” you ask.  A Doctor of Ministry degree is a doctoral level program that emphasizes one’s learning should be put to practical use in one’s ministry setting.

I will be studying at Pacific School of Religion (PSR) in Berkeley, CA.  I chose PSR because it is one of the seminaries affiliated with The United Church of Christ.

The degree consists primarily of two parts: a research project and a doctoral thesis.  The research project is an endeavor whereby the student is asked to identify a challenge and then explore ways of resolving the challenge.  In my case, my research project will explore how to help those coming into our United Church of Christ churches better understand and celebrate what it theologically means to be a part of a non-creedal Christian community.  When my research project is concluded, I will then be asked to turn my project in a doctoral these of approximately 150 pages.

While I am the one who will be charged with doing the reading, research, and writing; I believe very strongly that this undertaking is a joint task between myself and the congregation.  The congregation is helping me in a number of ways: by providing up to two weeks of annual study leave to attend the required seminars on campus in Berkeley, CA; by providing financial support for my studies (through my continuing education fund); and by providing their support through prayer and many other ways.

With this in mind, I will work hard to keep the congregation informed at every step of my journey.

I will post updates at the top of this page in order to help individuals track my progress.  I hope you’ll check back occasionally and see how things are progressing.