Week of May 24  – May 30, 2020

WOW! So many WHCCers helped Pastor Craig celebrate Memorial Day & Ascension Sunday  — Lucia, Emma & Evie & WHCC’s Cub Scout pack, Emily, Lucas, Allison, Julie, Larry, Jonathan, Joe, Nancy — thank you God for the support each of them provided to make this wonderful service possible.

Lake reported that Rodney — who became an active part of our High School Youth Group in the 1970’s through his close friendship with Chip — passed away after a sudden illness last Friday.

Betsy expressed prayers of excitement as she & Karl celebrate their 51st Wedding Anniversary today. And she also expressed her joy at working with Emily Sue to get the roof of the Doty Bldg. repaired & continuing to prepare upstairs rooms in the building for rental when WHCC’s campus reopens.

Linda asks prayers of emotional support for her daughter, Emily, as she lives alone away from home during this virus pandemic.

Jennifer asked prayers for all of those who have served our country in our armed services through the years on this Memorial Day — especially her two Grandfathers.

Pastor Craig shared with the congregation the beautiful altar bouquet this morning, & asked prayers of thanks for their anonymous donor.

Larry asked prayers for their friend Miriam’s son-in-law who is in isolation following exposure to the Covid-19 virus — & for Miriam herself as she deals with this added stress.

Larry also asks prayers for the safety for others who attended physical church services this morning, despite their refusal to follow rules set by the government to keep people safely separated.

And . . . Betsy called Pastor Craig this evening asking prayers for her husband, Nasim, who is very ill & facing difficult health challenges. Please surround them both with prayers of caring love & support.


If you have prayer needs that you would like to have posted, please contact us: Prayer Requests


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