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Week of March 17 – March 23, 2019

The Wilkins Family ask prayers for Uncle Bob, who is struggling with health issues at the moment — that he’ll leave hospital & get home soon.

A request for prayers for Frank, who has Congestive Heart Failure.

Kathi & Clark ask that we please hold the Long famiiy in our prayers — they are friends of their son in Montana who lost their 2 month old baby to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome on March 7.

Betsy reports that her dear friend & former WHCC member, Barbara, passed away & asks that we hold her family in prayer. Her daughter, Karen, aced in our youth musicals, son Richard attended our Nursery School & Sunday School, & husband, Owen, attends our Retired Men’s Club.

Kent says, “My brother, David, & his family were in a serious automobile accident this past week. While they are all going to be okay, David has a broken sternum & a broken pelvis. Please pray for physical & emotional healing for the whole family.

Mira & Walter ask prayers for their daughter, Lida, who will shortly be released from a dual-diagnosis facility & will be faced with a decision about further treatment.

Pastor Craig just learned of the death of the husband of Kel Henderson (our former interim minister) last month. He requests that we please surround Kel and their son, Michael, with prayer & love.


If you have prayer needs that you would like to have posted, please contact us: Prayer Requests


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