Week of August 2  – August 8, 2020

Kathy asks prayers of thanksgiving — their daughter, Abby, was rushed to Childrens’ Hospital yesterday, & with great relief she reported that Abby is doing well, now. They are grateful for the great care she received from the doctors & nurses who were so kind & caring.

Kathy also reported that firefighters were battling a wildfire near Pilgrim Pines this morning , & she asks prayers of safety for the entire camp facility & those working to get control over the blaze.

Jennifer asks prayers for a friend & her daughter whose family kicked her out of her home last week — that she will find safety & support for them both.

Lake asks prayers that she will be able to find someone to assist her into bed tonight.

Mira emailed to ask prayers of healing for Lupe, who is in ICU with Covid-19.

VeAnn asks prayers of appreciation for the pastors & leaders who led the Pilgrim Pines Camp-in-a-Box & the camp staff who made it happen.

Jeanne would like to add her appreciation for all of our WHCC kids who took part in that virtual camping program & then made us all feel their excitement by sharing their experiences with us during this Sunday’s worship service — it was a real treat!



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