Week of March 29  – April 4, 2020

Lyn asks prayers for the father of Lacy, a friend of her daughter. He is in the hospital & because of virus lock down, no visitors are allowed.

Nita reports that her friend Linda’s Mom has been stuck in Europe & the pandemic has made travel impossible — please pray she will soon be able to get back home. Another friend, Mike, asked Nita to request prayers of safety for his stepdaughter, who is an EMT & on the front lines of this virus battle.

Kathi & Clark also have two requests. Their son’s friend from high school, Gary, is 49 years old & in ICU at Kaiser with Covid-19. Another friend, Gil, has Covid-19 symptoms but cannot even get tested. Prayers of healing for them both.

Gina expressed prayers of thanksgiving that Pablo’s brother is improving with his Covid-19 infection & asks continuing healing. She also expressed gratitude that the isolation of people at home seems to be working and slowing down the spread of this disease.

Pam announced again that their friend, Larry, passed away in Montana Saturday morning, & she & David ask prayers of strength & peace for his wife, Carolyn, and the rest of his family.

Kevin asks prayers of support & healing for Phil & Laura (Arndt) Dutton who grew up in WHCC. Laura spent 5 days in hospital ICU with the virus & is now back home, but they are isolated separately from one another in their home.

Lucia asks prayers of support for all of the doctors & nurses who are on the front lines of this battle as they work to protect us all.

Lake asks prayers for her neighbor, Tillie, who has been very supportive when Lake needs extra help during the day. She also asks prayers of appreciation for her evening caretakers who are still coming to help her into bed each night.

Jeanne’s son-in-law, Bill, made it through his surgery Friday & daughter Kathi, with the help of their kids, was able to get him back home where it is safer by Saturday afternoon. He is in tremendous pain & really weak, so please offer prayers of strength & courage for both of them as they travel his healing path together.


If you have prayer needs that you would like to have posted, please contact us: Prayer Requests


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