Prayer RequestsWeek of July 15-22, 2018

Emma W asks prayers for her Uncle Bob, who is awaiting surgery.
Prayers of gratitude that Joan W’s dog, Ginger, that her dog came through a procedure with positive health results.

Joan W asks prayers for her son, Chris, who has been in the hospital & now is being released to face the challenge of healing & regaining his strength at home.

Roy & Martha H’s daughter, Joan P, was in church this morning asking prayers for both of her parents.  Please hold them in your prayers.
Stacey M asks prayers for her mother who will have heart surgery on August 7th to replace a faulty valve — she asks that we pray for a safe and quick surgery as well as a fast recovery; and for her energy and health for the next couple of weeks as she awaits the surgery.
Stacey M also asks prayers for her friend & former colleague, Don, who was in a terrible accident while swimming in Florida.  He has several broken vertebrae & a severed spinal chord — he is finally responsive, but will most likely be a quadriplegic.  She asks that we include his wife & son in our prayers, too.
Joanne F asks prayers for Barbara V to have a speedy recovery.  She injured her knee while playing tennis, and she can hardly walk. 
Sarah S expressed her thanks to Emily S for taking her place serving refreshments today after the service.  She needed to stay home with her girls who are recovering from an illness. 
Alex requests, “Please pray for my new job — that it is lasting and a positive experience for me and my employer.”
Mira & Walter ask that we keep their daughter, son, & Mira’s sister in prayer.  All 3 are facing challenges in their lives.
And . . . continuing prayers for Alison A as she recovers from back surgery, Betsy N and her husband, Nasim, as they face ongoing health challenges; and Charlie Z who is in rehab after a fall.


If you have prayer needs that you would like to have posted, please contact us: Prayer Requests

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