Week of September 8 – September 14, 2019

Alan & Tina spoke for all of WHCC as they asked prayers of consolation & healing for the McIlvains — Clark & Kathi — on the death of their son, Charles, in the dive boat fire near Santa Barbara. Words cannot really express the pain we feel for them in their loss. Another asks that we pray for peace & a path forward for them both.

Alan & Tina also ask prayers for their daughter, Nicole — that her heart will soften & she will feel their love.

Nita was in tears Friday when she made her request for her friend of 30 years. Mark was in Cambria with his wife, Debbie, when he fell down the stairs of their vacation place & fractured his skull along with several other severe injuries. His whole family have made the difficult decision to stop life support in the next few days as they believe Mark would want & Nita asks prayers of loving support for them all.

The Wilkins Family ask prayers for Uncle Bob who passed away yesterday — prayers of gratitude that he did not have to suffer any longer & that they were able to visit him when visiting England on their vacation.

Audrey asks prayers for her friend & business associate, Terrence. He had a stroke & heart attack while on vacation, and was then discovered to have brain cancer.

Yolanda expressed, “Thank you very much for all your prayers & support, & the Care Team do a good job in giving me moral, spiritual, & material support. Thanks be to God — Praise the Lord!”

Alex asks prayers for Natasha — that she may find employment in her field & be given a chance to grow & work with people that treat her with respect & moves her career forward.

Zazel & Ted & Pastor Craig all report that Charlie is in Northridge Hospital after falling & injuring his back, and ask prayers for his speedy recovery.


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