WHCC is working hard to develop a permission-giving culture that supports and encourages its participants to take the initiative for programs in the life of the church.  With that said, individuals who have ideas to bring forward for consideration by the Leadership Team are asked to complete a Project Proposal form.


Important Things to Understand About Proceeding

  • The role of the five members on the Leadership Team is two-fold. First, they will serve as a point person for you to ask questions.  Second, they will help facilitate communication between the staff and congregation – and the individual making the proposal.  Their role is NOT to take over, work on, or accept responsibility for the proposal.
  • Responsibility for getting word out about the proposal lies with the individual making the proposal. They should not expect members of the Leadership Team or church staff to accept this responsibility for them.
  • Announcements for the weekly bulletin and church website must be submitted by the individual making the proposal by Wednesday at 5:00 PM if the information is expected to be included in the Sunday bulletin and placed on the church’s website.
  • The Leadership Team may ask individuals to sign a Covenant that spells out expectations in writing so that each of the parties understands the commitment the church and the community group is making to one another. The purpose of such a covenant is to clearly define expectations so there are not later misunderstandings.


Please submit the following form for consideration:

Project Proposal Form

Proposal Form