Many of those in our community spend a great deal of time in service that is an expression of their faith.   In order to help individuals know what missional efforts their fellow church participants are supporting – and in order to make it easier for individuals to get involved in those efforts they would like to support – we provide this list of service opportunities.

ADULT LITERACY PROGRAM OF THE LA PUBLIC LIBRARY – The students in the program are adult immigrants from countries all over the world. The Adult Literacy Program has need for volunteer tutors. The tutoring program is structured in a way that the volunteer doesn’t have to have any experience as there are books to follow and it is pretty structured. Currently, there is a waiting list of about 30 “students” at the Platt library branch who are waiting to get a tutor so there are many opportunities available for volunteers.

WEST VALLEY FOOD PANTRY – The West Valley Food Pantry serves residents of West San Fernando Valley.  There are many opportunities to volunteer there.  Our jobs consist of everything from sorting food and stalking shelves to distributing food to those in need.

Pam Eychner

Pam McCoy

Kitty Sarkissian

Diane Singelyn

Joan Wagner

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